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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A makeup look that'll leave you looking gorgeous this Valentines Day

Walk into a supermarket and what will you see as soon as you walk in? Boxes of chocolate stacked up high, bottles of wine shouting 'buyyy me' and bunches of red roses... yep, thanks Tesco for the not so subtle hint that Valentines Day is fast approaching. Even though I won't be celebrating Valentines Day I thought it was just as well I shared a makeup look for any of you lucky lot that will be celebrating. I mean I guess spending Valentines Day alone isn't all that bad when the boxes of chocolate and wine are half price, 'to me, from me' presents are just as good aren't they?! 

You're going out for Valentines Day with that special someone so obviously you'll want to feel special and do yourself up to look your best, right girls? That's just a guess though so you'll have to tell me, I've began to accept I might just be single forever *cat emoji*. Moving on from my none existent love life it's probably best I talk about the makeup look I've put together... Nothing screams 'love' quite like the colour red so red lipstick is an obvious choice and what girl doesn't feel their best whilst rocking voluminous lashes and winged eyeliner? None. On that note here's a lil' something I put together and the products I used to achieve the final look... 

Strobe Cream: MAC
Studio Fix foundation: MAC
Select Cover-up concealer: MAC
Prep + Prime 'light boost' highlighter: MAC 
Mineralize Skinfinish 'soft & gentle' highlighter: MAC 

Supercat eyeliner: Soap & Glory
They're Real mascara: Benefit 
Naked 2 palette: Urban Decay 

Brow Satin 'dark blonde' pencil: Maybelline 
Brow This Way 'clear' brow set: Rimmel 

'MAC Red' satin lipstick: MAC 

This is my all time favourite makeup look and I really do feel my best when wearing it so it's definitely Valentines Day appropriate. What do you think, would you wear this makeup look? Are any of you doing anything special for the occasion? 

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