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Monday, 19 January 2015

Urban Decay Naked 2: The low-down & going out makeup look

The Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, where do I start? Well it'd probably be wise to mention the fact I'm just a little bit in love with it for starters. Sorry MUA palette, I'm afraid you've been upstaged. This is my first ever Urban Decay product and it's safe to say I'm beyond impressed, so much so I'm now desperate to get my hands on the other two palettes and all of the rest of the Urban Decay products for that matter. 

There is one slight problem though... I'm awfully indecisive when it comes to choosing which shades to team together and I'm guessing that a few of you might also have that problem too? In our defence though you're spoilt for choice with the wide variety of shades. If you're anything at all like me then look no further as here I am to give you a helping hand and talk you through each shade individually, I'll also show you what my favourite look to create is! Here goes...

From L-R 
Foxy: A brilliant shade to use on your brow bone if mixed with 'Booty call'. 

Half baked: The perfect base colour for all you hazel eyed girls, such a gorgeous shimmery gold. 

Booty call: Best worn in the inner corner and brow bone, gives the nicest shimmer and highlight.

Chopper: Similar to 'Half baked' but just not quite as pigmented.

 Tease: My go to shade for the crease and outer corner. 

Snakebite: Goes well with 'Half baked' to create a golden brown smoky eye, good for those of you who aren't brave enough to wear a 'full on' smoky eye. 

Suspect: One of the shades I don't often use a lot. 

Pistol: Looks best teamed with the darker shades to create a shimmery smoky eye. 

Verve: A good shade to apply all over the eyelid, goes well with all of the other eyeshadows in the palette.

YDK: Yet another of the shades I haven't worn a lot. 

 Busted: Could be used to create a subtle smokey eye, my favourite to use in the outer V, I always use this with the gold shades. 

Blackout: A matte black shade that can be applied to the outer V to create a smoky eye and as eyeliner to give a more natural finish.  

After a couple of weeks of messing around with each of the shades and trying out different looks I think I've finally found 'my' look. I'll admit that I'm not the best when it comes to applying eyeshadow so I'm a little scared of the darker shades, I'll tell you now that the 'I've just been punched' look isn't the one. However, a bit of practice later and here I am reaching for the darker shades, talk about stepping out of my comfort zone. Here's my favourite look to create... 

Calling all beauty bloggers: Is it just me who finds it awkward taking pictures of your eye makeup?
It's like 'Hey, just casually smiling at the floor'. 

The shades I used: 
All over eyelid- Half baked 
Middle of my eyelid- Chopper 
Crease- Snakebite
Outer V- Busted 

After applying the eyeshadow I used Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner to create a thin winged out line and then finished with two coats of Benefit They're real mascara which is absolutely brilliant and really does give that 'false lash effect'. I'm also wearing MAC Lady Danger matte lipstick but if you'd like to go for a more natural look then a lipstick I'd recommend is 'Brave' also by MAC. So the choice is yours you can either go all out with a bright lipstick or opt for a nude lip! 

What do you think to this make-up look, would you wear it yourself? 

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