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Monday, 1 December 2014

November favourites

The start of a new month only means one thing for us bloggers and that's a recap of the beauty products we've been loving over the past month- it's just the unwritten rule that you have to write one of these. I'm more excited than ever because it's officially my all time favourite month and I just can't wait until Christmas! So without further ado here's what I've been loving lately... 

MAC | Bronzing powder | Shade- Matte bronze 
If you read my blog regularly and you're an observant kinda person then you might be thinking 'she's mentioned this bronzer before' and you'd be right to say so because I have. I'm going to mention it again though because I just love it, the reason being is because unlike most bronzers it doesn't contain any glitter/shimmer and I think it's also a really natural looking shade as appose to the 'I've just been tangoed' look- not a good look may I just add. 

As well as using it to contour my cheekbones and add a bit of a golden glow I quite often use it as an eyeshadow too, a two in one product right there. It's perfect for creating a golden brown smokey eye and looks stunning when you sweep a bit over the crease of your eyelid whilst teaming it with a shimmery gold shade all over your eyelids! 

Essie | Nail varnish | Shade- Toggle to the top
The first thing that springs to mind when I wear this nail varnish is CHRISTMAS because it's such a festive colour! It's a really dark red with little bits of glitter in, from a distance it looks like a burgundy kind of colour though- I'm brill at explaining the colour of something, right?

Ciaté | Nail Varnish | Unsure of shade 
This is my absolute favourite nail colour, ever. It's a hot pink shade but there's something a little different about it, it's a very unique colour that I won't even try to explain as I'll just embarrass myself. As you can tell describing the colour of something definitely isn't my forte, I shan't be giving up the day job any time soon! 

Dior | Lip gloss | Rose trench for her 
This lipgloss had been left in the draw unloved for quite some time up until now. I don't usually wear lipgloss because I can't stand the stickiness and it's a right pain if it's windy because your hair just gets stuck to your lips but those annoying points aside I love it. I usually apply a bit over my lipstick and it really does make my lips look a lot bigger than they are and it's great because it isn't (too) sticky. 

Which products have you enjoyed using over the past month, any you'd recommend?

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