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Monday, 22 December 2014

Last minute Christmas gift ideas


There's only one word needed to describe last minute shopping and that's...nightmare. The long queues in the shops, impatient people dashing around everywhere and the panic that you won't get all of your shopping finished in time for the big day! Now I'm pretty certain that the majority of you organised lot have already finished your shopping but in case you haven't I'm here with a few last minute gift ideas- you can thank me later. 

In my opinion the best kind of gift you can give somebody for Christmas is a hamper with all of their favourite little bits in. You don't have to spend a lot you can just buy small thoughtful gifts, such as their favourite chocolates, lipstick and so on. Just dig out an old basket or a box if you don't have one of those, head to your local card shop and pick up a big bow, ribbon and some cellophane to wrap it all up and you're good to go. 

You can put absolutely anything in a hamper but if you're lacking on ideas then here's a few suggestions...

You could also go with a theme for what you put in their hamper such as a 'pamper box' including face masks, a box of chocolates, nail varnish, slippers, pjs, candles and a bottle of wine. Or maybe you'd like to go with a 'night out' theme and fill the basket with makeup, fake eye lashes, perfume, a bottle of their favourite alcoholic drink and a few hair products. A photo frame of you and the person you're giving the hamper too is also a nice idea,  I personally love receiving thoughtful gifts. 

I hope that's gave you a few last minute ideas, have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? 

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