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Friday, 26 December 2014

A day in the life of Lauren // Christmas Day

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day with your family and friends and got everything you wished for, I know I certainly did. I always feel a bit sad that it's all over on Boxing Day, I spend the whole month getting excited and then when the day comes it just zooms by. Boxing Day just tends to be a day for relaxing in my new pjs  whilst watching films and pigging out on chocolate so I thought that being as I've got nothing much to do I'd share a few of my Christmas Day snaps and show you what I wore. 

I know some of you crazy lot get up super early on Christmas Day but me and my mum aren't really 'morning people' shall we just say so we got up at the slightly later time of 9am. The first thing we always do is open all of our presents, I'm extremely happy with all of mine and I was so pleased that my mum bought me the fluffy teddy bear dressing gown I've wanted for ages! I love all of my presents equally so I don't really have a favourite but I'm so excited to have a play around with some of my new makeup. 

Once we'd opened all of our presents I started to get ready. Every girl will know where  I'm coming from when I say using new makeup for the first time is just the best feeling ever! I'll most probably review some of my new products in a couple of weeks if that's something you'd all be interested in? Anyway... If you read my previous 'Christmas tag' blogpost then you'll know that my favourite makeup look for Christmas Day is a bright red lip, gold smoky eyes and winged eyeliner so that's exactly the look I went for again this year. As for my outfit I couldn't decide what to wear as I got a few new clothes but I went for the red jacket in the end and teamed it with my new pointy heels, I just love dressing up on Christmas Day. 

After spending the morning getting ready me and my mum headed out to go round my Grandma's for Christmas dinner like we do every year. I love spending the day round my Grandma's just relaxing and having a laugh, plus she makes the nicest Christmas dinner ever and always gives me extra pigs in blankets which are my faves! Me and my mum always like to get home in time to put our new pjs on and watch all of the soaps with a few drinks so that's exactly what we did, we had such a laugh having a sing song later on in the night. 

All in all I had the best Christmas Day ever and I feel so lucky to have such an amazing mum and grandma who always make sure I have the best Christmas ever. Although I'm sad it's all over I can't wait for the new year and my birthday isn't far away so there's a lot to look forward to. 

I hope you all had a lovely day, 

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