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Monday, 27 October 2014

Makeup inspiration

If you're anything like me then from time to time you'll begin to get bored of your same old makeup routine- please tell me I'm not the only one? I'm forever wanting to do something a bit different with my makeup but more often than not I don't really know how to change it up or I just simply don't have the makeup skills to create certain looks. If that sounds a little like you then hopefully this post will give you some inspiration! These are just a few of my favourite makeup looks to wear over the a/w months, I thought that you might like them too... 

Look at me bold lips: 

What do you think to bright, bold lipstick? Would it be something you'd wear? I think my favourite look from this category would be the first one- it's perfect for over the autumn/winter months. 

Let the eyes do the talking: 

If the last category didn't take your fancy then hopefully this one did? Winged eyeliner and big voluminous lashes are always a winning combination! 

I hope this post has gave you a few ideas, even if you don't want to copy the look(s) exactly you could take inspiration and create your own. What do you think to these makeup looks, would you recreate any? Lauren x 

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